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05 - 06 February 2019, Taj Lands End, Mumbai


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Ron Kaufman's Leadership Keynote

Leading the Service-Focused Culture : Creating Superior Service from the C-Suite

Speech Description

A superior service culture does not happen by accident but instead requires committed managers willing to walk their talk – and motivated staff inspired to deliver on-the-spot service daily. But beyond this, the driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of Uplifting Service...

Key Learning Points

  • Best practices for engaging everyone from the top down in a continuous cascade of positive actions for Uplifting Service culture.
  • Quantifying benefits of a service culture in terms of customer experience, competitive positioning, talent development and business results.
  • Choosing compelling language to create an engaging service vision.

400 +


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Award Nominations

Ron Kaufman's Workshop

The Service Leadership Workshop
Build an Uplifting Service Culture for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

A senior level workshop with Ron Kaufman to align your team and commit for immediate action!

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the fundamental service principles to raise service levels and improve customer experience at every point of contact.
  • Take away proven strategies, best practices, guidelines and techniques to build and reinforce an Uplifting Service culture in 12 essential areas.

Who should attend

This highly interactive workshop enables your top management team to embrace a common service vision, review the culture building activities in your organization, identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize action plans. Put your top team through this workshop and learn how to build an Uplifting Service culture for sustainable competitive advantage.


Discover how to get your customers to love your brand. Learn how to recognize loyalty, deliver exceptional experiences and make points and programmes a valuable retention tool.

Loyalty Summit brings forth a loyalty marketing leadership strategy agenda that enables you to understand your customers better in order to reduce customer churn and increase profitability.

The event gets together leading B2C brands across all verticals durables, non-durables, retail, travel, financial services, healthcare, telecom, entertainment to discuss best practices for building cohesive, all-encompassing customer loyalty strategies. Senior Professionals of Loyalty, CRM, Marketing, & Social Media from the world's leading brands come together to discover the technologies, strategies and programs that will boost engagement, drive retention, and enhance brand recognition and awareness. Discover the latest technologies and services in our exhibition that will enable you to achieve higher returns from marketing and loyalty spend and network with 400+ senior level loyalty and CRM executives who will come together to showcase innovation in customer engagement, analytics, and experience.

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Co-Located Events

Speakers - 2019


Ron Kaufman

Keynote Speaker &
Workshop Presenter

Charles Ehredt

CEO & Co-Founder
Currency Alliance
Amresh Acharya

Amresh Acharya

Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt. Ltd.

Brian Almeida

MD & Partner
Strategic Caravan International Pvt. Ltd.


  • Day 1 | 05 February, 2019
  • Day 2 | 06 February, 2019
08.00 AM - 09.15 AM

Registrations over breakfast / tea

09.15 AM – 09.20 AM

Welcome note & Lamp lighting ceremony

09.20 am – 10.15 am
Keynote by Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman is the world's leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures. Rated one of the "Top 25 Who's Hot" speakers by Speaker Magazine, Ron presents powerful insights and global best practices from working with clients on every continent for more than twenty years.

Theme: Leading The Service-Focused Culture: Creating Superior Service From The C-Suite

A superior service culture does not happen by accident but instead requires committed managers willing to walk their talk - and motivated staff inspired to deliver on-the-spot service daily. But beyond this, the driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of Uplifting Service. Leading The Service-Focused Culture facilitates your senior leadership team in building the alignment needed to embrace a common service vision - and then take the actions required to make that vision a reality.

In this hands-on session, participants review the culture-building activities currently in use in the organization; identify opportunities for new service initiatives; learn best practices for becoming a service-focused culture and commit to taking action to align and strengthen the service focus.

10.15 am – 10.30 am
Individual Presentation

Theme: CX - Establishing an Emotional Connection with Customers

10.30 am - 11.00 am
Tea / coffee & networking break
11.00 am - 12.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Evolving Loyalty: How Brands Are Building Loyalty While The Marketing World Continues To Shift

This panel will discuss the topic of maintaining loyalty in an evolving company. Understanding the brand identity is key to driving long-term loyalty through the years, our panellists will share how their brand has remained agile enough to adapt to changing trends while still retaining their brand's DNA

12.00 pm – 01.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Loyalty Surgery: The Future 'Shape of Things' For Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is at a very interesting crossroads with some big decisions to make in 2019

  • Should existing loyalty programmes be updated to make them more relevant in the mobile age? Or is there a danger of throwing "the baby out with the bathwater"
  • Should new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) be used to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Who is doing loyalty really well and how are they doing it
  • What do customers 'actually want' from a loyalty programme. What type of loyalty offering is working best
  • Why is it so hard to do predictive data analytics? And what about GDPR and other regulations
  • Soliciting and evaluating new concepts, solutions, and ideas thanks to the VoC
  • How to make the most of the digital advantage? Leverage the digital technology and improve retention and loyalty of your customers
  • When it comes to the distinguishing between loyalty and the reward programs, how do you really do it
  • Blockchain: Loyalty disruptor or hype machine
01.15 pm – 02.00 pm
Lunch & networking break
02.00 pm – 03.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Leading Digitally - Examining Leadership, Strategy & Execution Of Digital First Customer Centric Business Models

  • Bridging the digital divide: Devising, aligning & deploying a digital strategy
  • Leveraging IoT, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to enable digital transformation
  • Examining the key skills, traits and attributes of digital leadership - Who should be driving your digital strategy
  • Enabling frictionless experiences: Transforming back-end architecture & accelerating customer-centric growth
  • Ingredients of a digital platform - Content & data, to drive personalized, relevant and real time experiences
  • Top view digitisation through an ROI prism, from cost-savings to new revenues
  • Cloud, Robotics, Automation & AI: The new paradigm to go digital
  • Rapidly digitize your B2C, B2B and B2E applications with personalised experiences for consumers to 'Feel' the difference
  • How global CMO’s are embracing and leading digital within their firms, and leveraging marketing, sales, and technical talent
03.15 pm - 03.40 pm
Case Study

Theme: Role of Non-Core Redemption In Loyalty Programs

03.40 pm - 04.15 pm
Individual Presentation

Theme: TBA

04.15 pm – 04.45 pm
Tea / coffee & networking break
04.45 pm – 06.15 pm
The Service Leadership Workshop - by Ron Kaufman

Theme: Build An Uplifting Service Culture For Sustainable Competitive Advantage

A senior level workshop with Ron Kaufman to align your team & commit for immediate action!

Key Learning Benefits:

  • Discover the fundamental service principles to raise service levels and improve customer experience at every point of contact
  • Take away proven strategies, best practices, guidelines and techniques to build and reinforce an Uplifting Service culture in 12 essential areas
  • Align the culture building activities currently in use throughout your organization
  • Identify opportunities for new culture building initiatives, upgrades & improvements
  • Prioritize activities & develop practical action plans for best results
07.00 PM Onwards
12th Customer Loyalty Awards
08.00 am - 09.15 am
Registrations over breakfast/tea
09.15 am - 09.30 am
Overview of Day 1
09:30 am – 10:15 am
Keynote by Charles Ehredt, CEO & Co-Founder, Currency Alliance

Theme: New Partnership Models For Loyalty Programs

  • The evolution of coalition models from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 and what Version 3.0 will look like
  • The current constraints in loyalty marketing that are holding back much higher levels of customer participation (primarily 'liquidity')
  • The history of marketplaces and how loyalty partnerships will evolve into marketplaces
  • Examples of partnership transformations that started in 2017 and are gaining momentum in 2018/2019
  • Why collaboration among complementary brands drives much higher customer engagement
  • How customer's digital and mobile behaviour is forcing loyalty programs to evolve
  • What the winning loyalty programs will look like in 2025
10.15 am – 10.45 am
Tea / coffee & networking break
10.45 am – 12.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Transactional To Meaningful Customer Relationships: Strategies On Nurturing Loyalty & Retention

  • Harnessing the power of influence: How to grow the value of your top advocates
  • Emotional engagement: The cornerstone of loyalty
  • The NEW math of personalisation
  • Future-proofing your loyalty programme
  • Motivation tactics for B2B loyalty
  • Loyalty reimagined: The new omnichannel reality. Are you ready
  • Engaging your connected customers with an exceptional digital channel experience
  • Reshaping customer engagement with AI to revolutionise CX
12.00pm – 01.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Data-Driven Marketing: The New Meaning Of Time

  • Key drivers that determine consumer purchase behavior through fast, agile conjoint analysis
  • Interaction analytics: A key to driving optimal customer experience and contact center performance (Does it really work and is it right for me and my business?)
  • Using customer insights & building your data analytics team to inform decision making processes and organizational change
  • Becoming more customer-centric through a focus on consumer journeys and performance analytics
  • The journey to digitalization - Customer engagement through cognitive intelligence
  • Storytelling through data: How to tell stories through data across various functions & geographies
  • Data-led CX: Moving from segmentation to personalisation to individualisation
  • Personalizing data leads to increase in customer engagement, how can marketers leverage this information
01.15 am – 02.00 pm
Lunch & networking break
02.00 pm – 03.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Connecting The Customer With Your Brand: How To Build A Stronger Brand, Get More Customers, And Activate Your Employees

If you are like most marketers, you are churning out more content than ever. The challenge with which you struggle, though, is how to connect that content (and your brand) with the customer. The biggest obstacle you face? A systematic erosion of trust. Customers are looking less towards advertising, media, promotions, or other messaging for the information by which they will be influenced. Instead, the only thing people really trust anymore are…people. The good news? You've got people. The trick is activating their collective power to deliver your brand messages.

  • How courageous leaders are transforming their entire culture and building powerful brands by activating their employees’ gift for storytelling
  • Revolutionary approaches that sparks rapid culture change and focuses your whole organization on solving customers' problems
  • How to unlock the secret to tapping into the power of your employees to drive deeper engagement and a stronger brand
  • Specific tips, techniques, and tools to leverage employees to connect with customers in ways that no advertisement can
  • How trends like manipulated outrage, over targeting, and passive loyalty will help inspire you to rethink your marketing efforts and give you a roadmap for to win in the future and embrace disruption
  • Reaching the distracted customer: How to leverage the distracted state to communicate more effectively
  • Disrupt or be disrupted! How to drive disruptive innovation for business growth
  • Defining a modern BI strategy to leverage all your data
03.00 pm – 04.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Leveraging Predictive Analytics And Artificial Intelligence To Improve Customer Loyalty & Retention

  • In search of customer truths - Influencing customer loyalty by data-corelating purchasing behaviour and customer characteristics
  • Engaging in social media analytics to access customer behaviour pattern
  • Influence of chatbots in enhancing customer experience and evolution of chatbots through AI
  • Mastering the art of data science through analytics integration, design thinking and behavioural insights
  • Real time events + customer insights = Predict and control customer behaviour
  • Evolving business models against the backdrop of disruptive technologies - How will Big Data and AI shape up in 2019
  • Using big data to drive a true customer 360 experience - Leverage data to unlock lucrative patterns and loyalty opportunities
  • Create synergy between your CRM data intelligence and CX efficiency
04.00 pm – 04.15 pm
Tea / coffee & networking break
04.15 pm – 05.30 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: 'Keys' To Design And Implement A Journey That Leads To Long-Term Customer Loyalty & Enriching Customer Experience

Customer centricity is the key to designing strong experiences that win the hearts and minds of customers. Retain customers and drive loyalty while creating a customer centric business model that delivers a consistent transporting experience - every time.

  • Customer Journey: Keeping a pulse on customer touchpoints using each aspect of the journey to drive customer loyalty
  • Loyalty Program Trends: Examining loyalty/referral programs, traditional and next generation initiatives for rewarding and retaining loyal customers
  • Big Data & Analytics: Identification and collection across mediums and channels for strategic analysis, segmentation, leading to descriptive and predictive results
  • Customer Experience: Creating tailored and targeted customer experience structures and processes
  • Social Media: Understand how to best use this now vital channel for reaching customers and rewarding advocates
  • Mobile: Taking your loyalty initiatives mobile to enhance the customer experience and further build customer engagement
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty: Delivering a consistent, relevant and optimized experience across all channels to match (and exceed) customer expectations
  • Payments: Adoption of new payment technologies and embracing tender-neutral and tender-differentiated loyalty
  • Voice of the Customer: Designing effective strategies for creating robust customer dialogues and gathering and listening to feedback
05:30 pm
Conference Adjourns

Jury Members

Manu Dogra


NetCarrots Loyalty Service

Deepali Naair

Director - Marketing, India & South Asia


Dr. Anil V Pillai


Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Darshana Shah

Chief Marketing Officer

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Yusuf Pachmariwala

SVP & Head - Operations

Tata AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Uma Talreja

Chief Marketing & Chief Customer Officer

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