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05 - 06 February 2019, Taj Lands End, Mumbai


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Ron Kaufman's Leadership Keynote

Leading the Service-Focused Culture : Creating Superior Service from the C-Suite

Speech Description

A superior service culture does not happen by accident but instead requires committed managers willing to walk their talk – and motivated staff inspired to deliver on-the-spot service daily. But beyond this, the driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of Uplifting Service...

Key Learning Points

  • Best practices for engaging everyone from the top down in a continuous cascade of positive actions for Uplifting Service culture.
  • Quantifying benefits of a service culture in terms of customer experience, competitive positioning, talent development and business results.
  • Choosing compelling language to create an engaging service vision.

400 +


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Award Nominations

Ron Kaufman's Workshop

The Service Leadership Workshop
Build an Uplifting Service Culture for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

A senior level workshop with Ron Kaufman to align your team and commit for immediate action!

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the fundamental service principles to raise service levels and improve customer experience at every point of contact.
  • Take away proven strategies, best practices, guidelines and techniques to build and reinforce an Uplifting Service culture in 12 essential areas.

Who should attend

This highly interactive workshop enables your top management team to embrace a common service vision, review the culture building activities in your organization, identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize action plans. Put your top team through this workshop and learn how to build an Uplifting Service culture for sustainable competitive advantage.

Leveraging CX As A Strategy To Drive Business Shifts

Exceptional, Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Deliver Results

Inspire Internal Customer-Orientated Cultures, Apply The Latest Tech & AI In Practice, Conquer Soaring Customer Expectations At Every Point Of The Omni-Channel Journey, Leverage Savvy Digital, Social & Data Strategies, Harness The Customer Voice & Prove ROI:

We are now in the age of the customer and your customers are calling the shots. Their experience matters and should be the basis for shaping your every organisational decision - from new product and service design, marketing interactions, branding and loyalty programs, process digitisation to organisational transformation. However, having a synchronised CX strategy is no easy feat.

Join us at India's largest CX gathering as we feature 60+ industry practitioners taking the stage to share their experiences. Spanning 2 days with a series of impactful discussion formats - 9 unique panels, 6 interactive roundtables, Keynote & Masterclasses. The 6th Customer Engagement Summit is the only event you will need to attend for inspiration on how you can maximise CX ROI and embed customer centricity as an integral part of your organisation!

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  • Mobile: Create mobile-first strategies
  • Personalisation: Deliver relevance and value
  • Analytics: Improve the ROI on your CX initiatives
  • Metrics: Identify the right indicators for success
  • Voice of Customer: Key strategies to listen actively
  • Transformation: Embrace lean and agile methodologies
  • Social: Source ideas to innovate
  • Omni-Channel: Maximize impact
  • Customer-Centricity: Create a customer-first culture
  • Customer Journey Mapping: How customers interact


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Co-Located Events

Speakers - 2019


Ron Kaufman

Keynote Speaker &
Workshop Presenter

Charles Ehredt

CEO & Co-Founder
Currency Alliance

Dr. Anil V Pillai

Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

KT Prasad

Country Director, India


  • Day 1 | 05 February, 2018
  • Day 2 | 06 February, 2018
08.00 AM - 09.15 AM

Registrations over breakfast/tea

09.15 AM – 09.20 AM
Welcome note

Welcome note & Lamp lighting ceremony

09.20 am – 10.15 am
Keynote by Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman is the world's leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures. Rated one of the "Top 25 Who's Hot" speakers by Speaker Magazine, Ron presents powerful insights and global best practices from working with clients on every continent for more than twenty years.

Theme: Leading The Service-Focused Culture: Creating Superior Service From The C-Suite

A superior service culture does not happen by accident but instead requires committed managers willing to walk their talk - and motivated staff inspired to deliver on-the-spot service daily. But beyond this, the driving force of a service-focused culture is a group of inspired leaders who are convinced of, and committed to, the long-term value of Uplifting Service. Leading The Service-Focused Culture facilitates your senior leadership team in building the alignment needed to embrace a common service vision - and then take the actions required to make that vision a reality.

In this hands-on session, participants review the culture-building activities currently in use in the organization; identify opportunities for new service initiatives; learn best practices for becoming a service-focused culture and commit to taking action to align and strengthen the service focus.

10.15 am – 10.30 am
Individual Presentation

Theme: TBA

10.30 am – 11.00 am
Tea / coffee & networking break
11.00 am – 11.15 am
Individual Presentation

Theme: TBA

11.15 am - 12.15 am
Panel Discussion

Theme: Delivering The Human Touch In CX Transformation Using Behavioural Science: How Can Behavioural Economics Help You Create Elegant & Effective CX

All humans, including your customers, have behavioural biases and mental shortcuts. How these learnings from Behavioural Economics be applied in real-world businesses to improve customer experience & increase conversion rates whilst meeting growing consumer expectations. Brands must also understand the emotional stimulus behind this, in order to deliver authentic experiences that cultivate long-lasting customer loyalty

12.15 am - 01.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Personalising & Contextualisation Customer Interactions With Enhanced Segmented Customer Journeys

  • Creating a single customer view and personalising digital experiences across marketing touchpoints
  • Omni-channel integration to orchestrate high value customer experience - The importance of end-to-end customer visibility for an effective omni-channel strategy
  • Developing the blueprint for customer journey optimisation - How effective customer journey mapping can enhance product design, marketing and user experience
  • Who owns the content experience - The most amazing content can be let down by a lacklustre experience and cause prospects to bounce rather than convert. So, who should really should really own this piece of the equation
  • Personalizing customer journeys with a data-driven strategy - Taking a unified, data-driven approach to personalizing CX journeys
  • Harnessing cognitive intelligence to drive customer interaction and engagement
  • Seeing from the eyes of customer through human-centered designs and agile methodologies
  • Mapping & solving pain points in customer journeys - Re-examining processes to evaluate customer centricity and the quality of customer journeys
01.15 PM – 02.00 PM
Lunch & networking break
02.00 am – 02.45 pm
Deep Dives

Theme: Focussed Interactive 45 Minutes Sessions on Specific Themes. Select One of Them and Join a Group

  • Table 1: Marketing + CX: Understanding the Collaboration to Drive Customer Lifetime Value
  • Table 2: Leveraging New Age Technologies & Innovations to Bridge Customer Experience Gaps
  • Table 3: The Customer as Keystone: Devising, Aligning & Deploying a Digital Strategy Centred around Customer-Centric Growth
  • Table 4: The Future of CX: Reshaping Customer Engagement with AI to Revolutionise CX
  • Table 5: Let's Get on the Same Page-How to Match CX Initiatives With Company Wide Goals
  • Table 6: The Power of Social Media! Harness Social Platforms to Ensure you are Engaging Customers & Responding Proactively
  • Table 7: Virtual Reality - Why Virtual Reality Will be a Game-Changer in Shaping CX
02.45 pm – 03.15 pm
Individual Presentation

Theme: TBA

03.15 pm – 04.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Create Innovative Solutions, Drive Efficiency & Achieve Competitive Advantage With Design Thinking

How to measure success in CX is an increasingly discussed topic. How measures, what's really happening, can be threaded with metrics, the outcome of what you want to happen, and the overall business value for both the customer and company is difficult to effectively gauge. Especially in the rapidly changing digital customer world. How then do you prove the CX ROI?

  • Role of design thinking & embedding technology in existing delivery models for an enhanced user experience
  • How can design thinking be adopted to reduce cost, speed-up and better product delivery
  • Obstacles around implementing design-led solutions for consumer
  • Prioritising the employee experience: Re-evaluating your human resource strategy with design thinking
  • How design thinking is key to influence organizational culture - Practical tools to spark collaboration, increase retention and create a sense of belonging at work
  • Interaction analytics: A key to driving optimal customer experience and contact centre performance
  • Driving the customer experience at the intersection of LX and AI, an important aspect of design thinking
  • Creating a single customer view to predict customer needs and enable personalized, real-time engagement
04.15 pm – 04.45 pm
Tea / coffee & networking break
04.45 pm – 06.15 pm
The Service Leadership Workshop - by Ron Kaufman

Theme: Build An Uplifting Service Culture For Sustainable Competitive Advantage

A senior level workshop with Ron Kaufman to align your team & commit for immediate action!

Key Learning Benefits:

  • Discover the fundamental service principles to raise service levels and improve customer experience at every point of contact
  • Take away proven strategies, best practices, guidelines and techniques to build and reinforce an Uplifting Service culture in 12 essential areas
  • Align the culture building activities currently in use throughout your organization
  • Identify opportunities for new culture building initiatives, upgrades & improvements
  • Prioritize activities & develop practical action plans for best results
07.00 PM Onwards
6th Customer Experience Awards
08.00 am - 09.15 am
Registrations over breakfast/tea
09.15 am - 09.30 am
Overview of Day 1
09:30 am – 10:15 am
Keynote by Charles Ehredt, CEO & Co-Founder, Currency Alliance

Theme: New Partnership Models For Loyalty Programs

  • The evolution of coalition models from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 and what Version 3.0 will look like
  • The current constraints in loyalty marketing that are holding back much higher levels of customer participation (primarily 'liquidity')
  • The history of marketplaces and how loyalty partnerships will evolve into marketplaces
  • Examples of partnership transformations that started in 2017 and are gaining momentum in 2018/2019
  • Why collaboration among complementary brands drives much higher customer engagement
  • How customer's digital and mobile behaviour is forcing loyalty programs to evolve
  • What the winning loyalty programs will look like in 2025
10.15 am – 10.45 am
Tea / coffee & networking break
10.45 am - 11.30 am
Terragni Fireside Chat

Theme: CX - The Journey : A Leader's Perspective

11.30 am - 11.45 am
Individual Presentation

Theme: TBA

11.45 am – 01.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: CX Blue Print - Spread The Word: Operationalizing CX Across Your Business

  • From the Trenches: How to run a successful, pain-free CX program that actually moves the needle
  • The customer centricity challenge - Achieving harmony between bots & humans
  • From WHAT THEN?! to WOW! Revolutionizing customer engagement in your business
  • Drive the cultural shift which would put digital customer & user experience at the very heart of the organisation
  • Building a future ready MarTech strategy for data driven hyper connected personalized experiences
  • Extract actionable insights from customer data: Mission-critical customer insights through savvy data analysis – what makes your customers tick
  • Optimizing your experiences by driving a programme of co-creation sessions with customers and cross-functional teams
  • Get ahead of the technology curve: Practically apply new technologies such as VR, AR, chatbots, voice tech and AI for advanced UX which lives up to consumer expectations
01.00 pm – 01.45 pm
Lunch & networking break
01.45 pm – 02.45 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Artificial Intelligence: Detecting Weak-But-Important Signals of Customer Behavior

  • Risks that voice interfaces presents to every brand and how voice-driven search is transforming communication strategy
  • Discuss a real-world implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve a common marketing challenge
  • How AI, self-serve, empowered agents and social media can advance your customer service
  • How AI accelerates identification and validation of critical market insights that empower creation of a durable competitive advantage
  • Define what you must do today to succeed in a future driven by AI, natural language processing, and voice interfaces
  • How Chatbots can impact self-learning, response times and efficiencies
  • Data and artificial intelligence algorithms driven creativity - Fueling a transformation in marketing
  • Will AI replace contact centres and how will self-service affect the traditional contact center
02.45 pm – 03.45 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: Bring the Age-Old Saying 'Happy Employees, Happy Customers' To Life! Ensure Your Organisation Is Truly Customer-Centric & Drive A Passion For Customer Experience Throughout

  • Drill home the commercial value of satisfied customers for increased conversion rates to secure organisation-wide buy-in
  • Long term robust strategies for maintaining engagement through periods of internal & external change
  • Driving two-way conversations with tailored, consistent messages which engage employees
  • Crafting an adaptable and innovative recognition and rewards strategy
  • Latest trends and innovations in technologies, tools and channels to reach and engage colleagues
  • Building outstanding leadership capability and supporting leaders as key drivers of employee engagement
  • Play the 'voice of the customer' back to the business to activate change through feedback and drive active, passionate customer experience strategies
  • Inspire employees to become organisation advocates with innovative engagement strategies which motivate them to deliver exceptional experiences
03.45 pm – 04.15 pm
Tea / coffee & networking break
04.15 pm – 05.30 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme: 'Keys' To Design And Implement A Journey That Leads To Long-Term Customer Loyalty & Enriching Customer Experience

Customer centricity is the key to designing strong experiences that win the hearts and minds of customers. Retain customers and drive loyalty while creating a customer centric business model that delivers a consistent transporting experience - every time.

  • Customer Journey: Keeping a pulse on customer touchpoints using each aspect of the journey to drive customer loyalty
  • Loyalty Program Trends: Examining loyalty/referral programs, traditional and next generation initiatives for rewarding and retaining loyal customers
  • Big Data & Analytics: Identification and collection across mediums and channels for strategic analysis, segmentation, leading to descriptive and predictive results
  • Customer Experience: Creating tailored and targeted customer experience structures and processes
  • Social Media: Understand how to best use this now vital channel for reaching customers and rewarding advocates
  • Mobile: Taking your loyalty initiatives mobile to enhance the customer experience and further build customer engagement
  • Omni-Channel Loyalty: Delivering a consistent, relevant and optimized experience across all channels to match (and exceed) customer expectations
  • Payments: Adoption of new payment technologies and embracing tender-neutral and tender-differentiated loyalty
  • Voice of the Customer: Designing effective strategies for creating robust customer dialogues and gathering and listening to feedback
05:30 pm
Conference Adjourns

Jury Members

Manu Dogra


NetCarrots Loyalty Service

Deepali Naair

Director - Marketing, India & South Asia


Dr. Anil V Pillai


Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Darshana Shah

Chief Marketing Officer

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Yusuf Pachmariwala

SVP & Head - Operations

Tata AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Uma Talreja

Chief Marketing & Chief Customer Officer

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