• 05 - 06 Feb 2020, Taj Lands End, Mumbai
    2 Day Event | 4 Tracks | 120+ Speakers | 400+ Attendees
  • The Customer Fest Show 2020

    The oldest and biggest gathering of senior professionals from across B2B & B2C sectors.
  • 05 Feb 2020, Taj Lands End, Mumbai
    90+ Awards Categories | 350+ Award Nominations

In today's globally inter-connected and flat world, organizations deal with many generations of consumers, each with distinct needs, preferences, attitudes and behaviors - a situation that history has never witnessed before. Gen Z, Gen Y or the Millennials, Gen X and the 'Silver Generation' have different characteristics that drive their choices.

Rising incomes in the hands of a young population, a growing economy, expansion in the availability of products and services, rapid changes in technology and new business models enable today's Indian customers to interact deeply with brands. Digitization has made it easier for companies to reach audiences and engage consumers in unique and personalised ways.

Against this background, The Customer FEST Show will examine some of these changes and look at new strategies required to stay relevant. The 2 day event has four tracks and close to 120+ speakers contribute through their experience across streamed sessions. Like the past 2 editions 400+ delegates would attend the show which would also feature an Exhibition with on-floor sessions running parallel to the featured tracks of each day. The 2020 edition would unveil an 'All New Format' for the show with new tracks, on floor seminars, exhibition, deep dive round tables and much more. Customer expectations are evolving at a rapid pace, and organizations of all kinds must also change in order to avoid being left behind. At The Customer FEST Show 2020, you can join your peers to learn, share, and celebrate the new and innovative ways customer service technologies are changing the way business is done. See where the world of customer is going, and how to get there first.


Connect with like-minded professionals to learn about technologies and business strategies. Use this opportunity to network with your peers and learn from their successes and failures.


The Customer FEST Show attracts the best and the brightest that the industry has to offer. Hear from the leading analysts and brands in the world, innovative startups, and leading practitioners and executives from all types of unique organizations.


The top technologies and solutions for all of your customer needs are on display in our Customer Solutions Expo. Take this opportunity to be dazzled by new tech, where you can efficiently compare and contrast solutions in this unique, one-of-a-kind environment.

Deep Dives & On-Floor Sessions

Interactive round tables each with a topic and delegates can choose to sit in any of these deep dive sessions. There would be 1 person co-ordinating for the entire group on each of these tables. On-floor sessions would be held in an area designated in the pre-function area in close proximity to the exhibitors. These would be free to attend for pre-registered delegates.

Find Your Tribe & Learn from Them

The Customer FEST Show, is the number one annual gathering place for the "who's who" of customer loyalty, customer experience, customer service, CRM, data analytics and customer engagement experts and practitioners. Attendees, speakers, and sponsors at The Customer FEST Show meet once a year to help build, develop, and educate a market. Nowhere else will you get this opportunity to network with your peers and learn from the leaders and innovators in the field.

The Big Shift Is On

The world is changing. Customers are more demanding. Customer loyalty is decreasing. New technologies are emerging. And the pressure is on for share of the customer - attracting them, keeping them, seducing them. An awesome customer experience can be your most potent differentiator. Customer Experience has shifted from being a marketing tactic to being a core strategic business function. Technology is the essential tool and enabler of this shift, which is why we are hosting the entire show in a new format with emphasis of TECHNOLOGY, PEOPLE, STRATEGY & SMART DATA.

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08.00 AM

Registrations over Breakfast & Tea

09.15 AM

Welcome Note & Lamp Lighting Ceremony

09.30 AM

Leadership Keynote

Theme : TBA

10.15 AM

Industry Perspective

Theme : TBA

10.30 AM

Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

Parallel Breakaway Tracks

11.00 AM Onwards

Tech Integrity. Marketers face the daily pressures of driving leads and revenues. It's easy to become reactionary and focus on the current quarter while losing sight of opportunities to invest in future growth. When it comes to thinking through marketing technologies, it's important to break out of the present-day mindset and plan for the future, thinking several years ahead of the rest of your company. Only then will you be able to create a strategy that fuels sustained growth.

  • How do we maximize the impact of all the available technologies and make them work together for a successful business transformation
  • The role of the product management team in marketing technology, and how it can bridge the divide between marketing and technology
  • Drive cultural change & harness cutting-edge technologies to put UX at the heart of the organization (user experience & user centered digital CX)
  • Personalising & Contextualisation customer interactions with enhanced segmented customer journeys
  • Create innovative solutions, drive efficiency & achieve competitive advantage with design thinking
  • Marketer + Machine: Hiring and training for the intelligently automated workforce
  • How to organize your own marketing technology landscape and develop a 3-5 year roadmap for your organization
  • How courageous leaders are transforming their entire culture and building powerful brands by activating their employees’ gift for storytelling
  • Revolutionary approaches that spark rapid culture change and focuses your whole organization on solving customers' problems
  • How to unlock the secret to tapping into the power of your employees to drive deeper engagement and a stronger brand
  • Specific tips, techniques, and tools to leverage employees to connect with customers in ways that no advertisement can
  • How trends like manipulated outrage, over targeting, and passive loyalty will help inspire you to rethink your marketing efforts and give you a roadmap to win in the future and embrace disruption
  • Reaching the distracted customer - How to leverage the distracted state to communicate more effectively

12.00 PM Onwards


It's an employee's market and all organizations are feeling the pressure from all spectrums of the workforce. It is more important than ever to keep employees engaged and motivated. However, in a changing economy where brands must be rethought, training re-addressed, and disruption around every corner - how can you continuously drive excellence, retention, and results.

  • Embedding purpose and inclusion into your work culture - Integrating purpose and values into employee experience to gain a clear sense of direction and boost employee engagement
  • Empowering through digitalization and connectivity - Using technology to reinforce the sense of belonging and facilitate two-way communication and transparency
  • Pioneering wellness and battling burnout - Create employee wellness programs to sustain a healthy and efficient organization in the long run
  • Active listening and impactful feedback actioning - How do we dig deep to identify employee pain points and understand employee's core needs and action feedback to demonstrate progress
  • Raising talent through enhancing individual "superpowers" - Personalising learning and development to retain and grow individuals
  • The influential leader - Leveraging leadership to drive customer & employee experience
  • Training & Human Development - Empowering customer experience by investing in people to serve the people; how emotional connections drive loyal customers to spend more

01.00 PM Lunch & Networking Break

01.45 PM Onwards

  • Balance human interaction & digital - when to self-serve & when not to: Align the human touch with digital and self-serve channels for the optimal customer experience
  • The latest digital trends & consumer attitudes, motivations & behaviors: Create effortless customer journeys and experiences with cross-sector insights
  • Protect your brand on the self-serve journey: Is a brand faceless without the human touch
  • Targeting the non-tech savvy: Boost consumer confidence and understanding of your digital channels for the less tech-savvy
  • Balancing cost savings with customer retention: Balancing the cost to self-serve and efficiencies created with customer lifetime value
  • Combining the best of technology and human ingenuity to modernize contact center architecture
  • Looking beyond omni-channel experience: Steering customers to channels that best suit their communications preferences and purchasing patterns
  • Plan for the digital future - The revolution in CRM technologies and their impact on your customer strategy
  • How to develop a continuous listening strategy and map employee and customer journeys, touchpoints, annual/pulse surveys, audience, frequency, questions and benchmarks
  • The ROI of implementing a complete experience management program that includes innovative surveys, advanced analytics, automation, AI and collaboration tools
  • Communication tools for discussions with leaders about the customer and employee experience
  • Technology insights, tips and real-life best practices to help you create an exceptional employee and customer experience program, and transform the way your organization sees and links employee data
  • How does one build an organizational ecosystem that promotes agility, adaptability, learning-unlearning-relearning
  • Improve techniques to help leaders (finally!) pay attention to the data and make better data-driven changes
  • Designing the employee experience - How well-being, engagement and care can become your competitive advantage
  • Customer Insights - Putting the customer and employee at the centre of customer experience – reciprocal duality
  • How do we maximise the role of leadership in delivering superhero

02.45 PM Onwards


03.15 PM Onwards

  • Table 1: The Latest Consumer Attitudes, Trends, Motivations & Behaviours: How To Create Effortless Customer Journeys & Experiences
  • Table 2: Intelligent Chatbots – Beyond The Hype - What are the market opportunities for chatbots amidst technology disruptors in the age of customer
  • Table 3: Data Driven Decision Making In The Age Of Mega Programs: How to Successfully balance costs, innovation, customer satisfaction and protection
  • Table 4: Your Brain On Loyalty: Why Behavioral Science is the Key to Next-Gen Consumer Engagement
  • Table 5: The Future Enterprise: How Organisations Are Applying Technology To Gain Insights, Empathise With Customers And Engage Employees

04.00 PM Tea/Coffee & Networking Break

04.30 PM Onwards

  • Human-like qualities, with increased efficiency - How AI is driving personalised suggestions that are made to consumers
  • A new reality - How to engage consumers with augmented and virtual reality
  • Automation vs. Augmentation - Embracing what AI applications can do for and with humans in organisations and societies
  • Intelligent Chatbots - New age conversational experience to enhance customer engagement, market outreach and operational efficiency
  • Commercializing the use of bots to increase customer engagement, acquisition, loyalty & retention
  • Metrics at the intersection of technology & people: How to drive measurable success
  • AI-powered conversational commerce: Engaging your customers across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Data security in the age of new technologies – Understanding new threats
  • Driving marketing KPIs and CX through AI-powered customer engagement
  • Problem-spotters to problem-solvers: How to build a culture of engaged, empowered and motivated people that invite change and move together towards productivity
  • Plugging the generation gap! Understanding what motivates younger employees and managing your high-potential millennials and gen-z to boost loyalty and retention
  • What does it mean to have HR as a significant part of every leaders agenda (not only CHROs) that contributes to the Customer Lifetime Value
  • When & where to implement new technologies & automation for processes that are ahead of the curve, sustain continuous improvement & drive ultimate end goals
  • Delivering the human touch using behavioural science: How can behavioural economics help you create elegant & effective CX
  • Create robust, self-sustaining processes that propel organisations forward for effective process excellence that endures & inspires
  • How to improve employee loyalty and productivity by showing you care - Incorporating rewards and recognition into the journey

07.00 AM Onwards The Customer FEST Awards - 13th Edition

08.00 AM

Registrations over Breakfast & Tea

09.20 AM

Overview of Day 1

Parallel Breakaway Tracks

09.30 AM Onwards

  • The revolution in CRM technologies and their impact on your customer strategy
  • How to build a voice-of-the-customer strategy to achieve your customer experience goals
  • Latest ideas how to successfully treat each customer as an individual to earn customer trust and loyalty
  • Top technology trends and their impact on customer lifecycle
  • Personalization and privacy: How to leverage both to drive business value
  • Why it's vital to create content that resonates with your audience at different stages of the customer journey
  • How marketers can overcome the barriers, shift cultures and earn a competitive edge using latest technologies
  • Engagement in the always-on era; How humans and technology work hand-in-hand to meet rising expectations
  • The Power of Conversational AI - providing a personalized & conversational experience while allowing consumers to interact with your brand when, where & how they want
  • The next phase In content, data driven strategies with tech as Its backbone
  • The use of data analytics, content and digital channels to fuel audience engagement
  • Turning data into your competitive advantage - Creative power of data analytics to drive new products, services and business models
  • Data: The fuel that powers AI
  • Ingredients of a digital platform – Content & data, to drive personalized, relevant and real time experiences
  • Leveraging data-driven customer innovation to stay one step ahead of disruption
  • Data-led CX: Moving from segmentation to personalisation to individualisation

10.30 PM Onwards


10.45 AM Tea/Coffee & Networking Break

11.15 AM Onwards

  • Reinventing content marketing into a measurable business strategy. Examples of companies actually achieving strategic, and measurable business value through the use of content-driven customer engagement
  • Utilising design thinking approach to discover different customer behaviours for greater customer value & growth
  • Leveraging best practices & technology leadership in digital transformation to shape & enrich digital experiences
  • The ROI of UX in digital & marketing strategies - Why is good UX is no longer a luxury, it’s a customer expectation
  • Integrate content marketing efforts into the overall marketing mix. Digital storytelling and the future of marketing
  • Creating the perfect customer experience with the right mix of technology, talents & capabilities within the organisation to meet future business priorities
  • From marketing digitalization to fluid experiences - Why understanding your content’s future is the key to success
  • Driving forward the business intelligence strategy through analytics to create a better data-driven organization
  • Becoming more customer-centric through a focus on consumer journeys and performance analytics
  • How can you create an architecture that will accommodate both old and new technologies while still providing stability and reliability to your users
  • Introducing customer segmentation as part of your business intelligence to predict your customer’s lifetime value
  • How machine learning and predictive analytics is contributing to tangible business outcomes by enhancing customer experience
  • Creative power of smart data to drive new products, services and business models

01.00 PM Lunch & Networking Break

01.45 PM Onwards

  • Techniques for building and sustaining a culture of innovation and change
  • Innovative leadership in a high velocity environment
  • Creating a winning team in disruptive times & cultivating the next generation of talent
  • Strategies for an era of multiplied innovation and automation
  • The new reality: Adapting to service driven technology in a digital world
  • Next wave transformation: Driving change through enterprise-wide agility
  • Data Strategies: Insights, IoT and new business models
  • Several systems, one solution: CX and AI, a brand new approach
  • Modernize your infrastructure and adopt new architectural approaches to support digital transformation
  • Top technology trends in data, analytics & insights that will change your business
  • Accelerate the adoption of new roles (such as chief data officer), skills, ways of working and data-driven thinking
  • Drive innovation through leading technologies - Building a flexible and scalable data architecture for next generation analytics platform
  • Intelligent automation: Your game changer on keeping pace with evolving customer expectations
  • Make analytics and insight part of the DNA for every employee, action, business process and decision
  • Personalizing data leads to increase in customer engagement, how can marketers leverage this information

02.45 PM Onwards

  • How Data led disruption is driving transformation across big, medium and small scale organizations
  • Personalizing & contextualization customer interactions with enhanced segmented customer journeys
  • Developing the blueprint for customer journey optimisation - How effective customer journey mapping can enhance product design, marketing and user experience
  • How to look at building your future ready Martech - today that is aligned to scale with your growth plans
  • Data and artificial intelligence algorithms driven creativity - Fueling a transformation in marketing
  • Evolving business models against the backdrop of disruptive technologies - How will Smart Data and AI shape up in 2020
  • Using smart data to drive a true customer 360 experience – Leverage data to unlock lucrative patterns and loyalty opportunities
  • How is data driving the actions required for content, tech & creative, to impress today's consumer

03.45 PM Tea/Coffee & Networking Break

04.15 PM Onwards


Speakers of 2019 Edition

Ron Kaufman

Keynote Speaker & Workshop Presenter

Charles Ehredt

CEO & Co-Founder
Currency Alliance

Raman Kalra

PwC India

Ashok MS

Accentiv' India


The CFEST AWARDS would be held on day 1 in the evening. Last 2 editions have seen a record 350+ nominations from across industries. This is the biggest awards night recognising excellence in loyalty, customer experience & data analytics categories.

Industry Specific

  • Best Loyalty Program in Retail Sector
    • Large / Multi – Brand Format
    • Single / Specialty Format
  • Best Loyalty Program in Auto Sector
  • Best Loyalty Program in B2B Sector
  • Best Loyalty Program in Financial Sector
    • Banking
    • Non-Banking
  • Best Loyalty Program in Services Sector

Innovation in Loyalty

  • Best Use of Social Media to Enhance Loyalty
  • Best Use of Mobile in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Use of Technology in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Use of Innovation in Loyalty Marketing
  • Best Use of Experiential / Live Marketing in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Regional Loyalty Marketing Campaign
  • Best Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Best Use of Brand Advocacy in a Campaign
  • Best Use of Contests / Promotions in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Use of Relationship Marketing in a Loyalty Program - B2B
  • Best Use of Relationship Marketing in a Loyalty Program - B2C


  • Best Promotional / Shopper Marketing Campaign
  • Best Rewards Program
  • Best Card Based Loyalty Program
  • Best Channel Loyalty Program
  • Best CRM Program
  • Best CRM Platform
  • Best Use of CSR Initiative Linked to Loyalty
  • Best Use of Experiential & Innovative Media
  • Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty
  • Best Use of Partnership in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Integrated Media Campaign
  • Best Relationship Marketing Agency
  • Best Use of Direct Marketing in a Loyalty Program

Crème - De - Le - Crème Categories

  • Best Marketing Technology Stack of the Year
  • Best Personalization Platform
  • Most Innovative Technology Initiative of the Year
  • Best Influencer Marketing Platform
  • Champion of Champions - Loyalty Program of the Year
  • Best Use of AI in Marketing Technology
  • Best Sales Enablement Technology
  • Most Innovative Loyalty Program of the Year
  • Loyalty Team of the Year

Industry Specific

  • Best Customer Experience in Financial Sector
    • Banking
    • Non-Banking
  • Best Customer Experience in B2B Sector
  • Best Customer Experience in B2C Sector
  • Best Customer Experience in Retail Sector
    • Large / Multi – Brand Format
    • Single / Specialty Format
  • Best Customer Experience in Services Sector
  • Best Customer Experience in Utilities Sector


  • Best Customer Centric Culture
  • Best Customer Service Initiative
  • Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Initiative
  • Best Digital Customer Experience Initiative
  • Best Use of Insights to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Contact Centre
  • Best Customer Experience Transformation
  • Best Use of Technology to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Innovation to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Technology in a Contact Centre
  • Best Use of Content Marketing to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Webchats, AI, Robotics to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Conversational Bot / Tool to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Voice of Customer
  • Best Use of Mobile to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Best Use of Training in a Contact Centre


  • Best Customer Engagement Agency
  • Best Customer Experience Vendor / Consultant / Service Provider
  • Best Customer Centric Company
  • Best Customer Centric Employee Engagement
  • Best Customer Engagement Strategy for a Female Audience
  • Best Customer Engagement Strategy for a Male Audience
  • Customer Experience Team of the Year
  • Best Use of Customer and Data Analytics in Loyalty Program
  • Best Use of Data Analytics in Business Intelligence
  • Best Use of Data Analytics in Predictive Modelling
  • Best Use of Data in Social & Web Analytics
  • Best Use of Data in Marketing Analytics
  • Best Data Enablement Campaign in a Loyalty Program
  • Best Use of Data & Insights in a Transformation Project
  • Best Use of Data Analytics / Predictive Modelling to Enhance Customer Experience
  • Most Admired Data Project to Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Best Data /Analytics Team of the Year

To nominate - get in touch with

Harish Bhatia : harish@kamikaze.co.in | (91) 9821022236 / 9820022236

Jury Members of 2020 Edition

Manu Dogra President
NetCarrots Loyalty Service
Vikas Mehta Chief Executive Officer
Point Nine Lintas
Dr. Anil V Pillai Director
Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Darshana Shah Chief Marketing Officer
Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Sponsors of 2019 Edition


Limited Access Discounted Pass

45,000 + GST
  • All Access Pass to The Customer FEST Show Only
  • Access to 2 Venues
  • Access to Exhibition Area
  • Access to Masterclasses & Deep-Dives
  • Access to Food, Liquor & Beverages

Regular Pass

55,000 + GST
  • All Access Pass to Entire Show & Co-located Events
  • Access to All Conference Halls
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